Mayo Nissen

Design, etc

Embedded Arduino seen on the left, ultrasonic sensors on the right of the image

Assistive Scarf for the partially sighted

This scarf, augmented with sensors, basic processing capability, and actuators, assists the partially sighted in going about their daily life without the use of an often stigmatised cane. The ultrasonic sensors in one end of the scarf (see above) detect objects in the path of walking, while vibrating actuators embedded near the neck (see image below) communicate proximity and direction of the obstacles.

vibrating actuators embedded on the inside of the scarf near the neck indicate proximity and direction of obstacles

Project created with Filippo Cuttica and Li Bian as a one-day exercise in using the Arduino platform at CIID as part of a longer course on physical computing with Massimo Banzi. Many thanks to Laura Boffi for the prototyping help.

Featured in Wired Italia (Wired Italia No 14 Anno 2, April 2010, p155), and shown at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010 in Milan.