Mayo Nissen

Design, etc


Rebuild is a mobile task and logistics management application to help teams of aid workers in the field better record, track, and delegate tasks. While fitting into existing collaborative workflows, Rebuild is designed to be minimal, tailored to the stressful and chaotic contexts in which it is likely to be used.

Tasks are entered using voice recognition, and then assigned a priority and timeframe. Adding a photo is optional, while location, timestamp and creator ID are tagged automatically. As well as being used as a simple to-do list for an individual, Rebuild also allows tasks to be delegated to one or more co-workers. It keeps a log of where a task has come from, and who is responsible for it at any given time.

Rebuild is intended to enhance, not replace, face to face communication. It helps teams to work more efficiently and transparently in places and at times when they need it the most.

Project created with Dean and Sebastian as part of a 4 week investigation into the design of graphical user interfaces at CIID.

I wrote more about the course here.