Mayo Nissen

Design, etc

intrust: service design in the finance sector

Exploring the possibilities of service design in the financial sector, we played with the experiences - uncomfortable, liberating, enjoyable - of giving up control over some portion of your finances to a trusted individual of your choice.

Intrust is a service for facilitating a new relationship with your money, and with the person you trust to spend it for you. Using a range of design research and service design tools, we developed a service across multiple channels and touchpoints which integrates seamlessly with people's natural behaviours, making the logistics of spending somebody else's money disappear - and thus enabling the resultant experiences of both giving and recieving to take center stage.

This project was carried out together with Jennifer Kay, Dean McNamee, Anders Højmose, and Eric Norman Stevenson as part of a 3 week investigation into Service Design at CIID, taught by Chris Downs and John Holager from Livework. I also wrote a blog post about my experiences and thoughts on the course as a whole and the project in particular.